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Who would have thought “social distancing” would become new buzz words? If you use the dog parks to exercise your pets, you already know how hard it is to keep physical distance from other people and their dogs.

Our answer? Freedom Field. The newest service addition at Errington Pet lodge.

Now you can book a private slot at our Freedom Field to enjoy safe time with your dog. Or grab a close friend and their dog(s) and enjoy a catch-up while your dogs have fun in a safe and stress-free environment.

Here are just a few benefits of Freedom Field:

  • Give your dog exercise without bumping into other people or dogs.
  • Train your puppy with no distractions.
  • A large, open space to work on their recall.
  • Oodles of space where your dog can run free and catch a ball, if that’s what she wants to do.
  • Provide a safe and calming space if you have a reactive or aggressive dog.

You can book our fully enclosed field just for you (and your small circle - maximum 3 people and 5 dogs). It’s just $8.00 for 30 minutes. And if you book 10 sessions, you’ll automatically get 1 free time slot. Why not book time for some safe fun with your dog in a quiet, pleasant space?

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**SAFETY ALERT: To limit interaction with other people and their dog/s, please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your booking.**

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