Our brand new "Groom Room" is located in its own small building in the center of the Pet Lodge property. It offers a clean and quiet atmosphere and there are never more than two dogs in the Groom Room at once. If your pet is not already staying at the Pet Lodge we ask that pets stay with us for 2 to 3 hours. If your pet is finished earlier we will call you.  Our head groomer takes her time with all her dogs and does not rush a groom.  We do not practise the assembley line groom.

Exit Bath; includes a professional bath, blow dry and brush out.

Small dog $20
Medium dog $25
Large dog $35
Add $5 to all double coated small breeds, for example: Pomeranian, LH Chihuahua, LH Dachshund.
Add $10 to all double coated medium to large breeds, for example: German Shepard, Golden Retriever and Husky.
Add $15 to all double coated extra large breeds, for example: Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees.
**Nail trim $10**

Standard Grooming; includes professional bath, blow dry, ears cleaned, haircut and nail trim.

Small dog $55
Medium dog $60 to $70
Large dog $75 to $90
Extra large $100 and up

Kennel Address

1227 Bowlby Road
Errington, BC
V0R 1V0.

Mailing Address

Box 234
1227 Bowlby Road
Errington, BC
V0R 1V0.





Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat: 8am-5pm
Sun: 8am-12pm, 2pm-5pm
Stat Holidays: Office CLOSED


Our office is closed Sunday between 12pm and 2pm for drop offs and check-outs.

Drop off time is anytime during office hours, check-out time is 2pm, 1/2 day charge if you check-out after 2pm.